About us

Since 2006, when we were established as “AKUATIK” team, our aim has been to make the production of microalgae (algae) species called “miraculous food”, “excellent food” and “super food” by using the soil, water, and sun of our beautiful country and thus to create employment and to contribute to the healthy and happy life of people.

We have a team of experts in the field acting with the idea of “human comes first.” We offer the miraculous protein, vitamins, minerals, and energy storing microalgae (algae) species to be consumed in nutritional supplements (ALGAMAX) and cosmetic product (ALGEE) forms that enable people to benefit from solar energy at the highest level. ALG production is made in fiber pools. Moreover, our production is in the form of boutique production and every product we carefully prepare is hand-made. Every raw material used in production is carefully selected by investigating its effects on human health.

Our Vision

We have a point of view that puts human health above all else, respects information and science, aims to produce continuously, wishes to inform people about being conscious consumers. We stand at a point that we seek to make our brands the preferred brands in the fields of food supplements and cosmetics, to become a company that is referred in national and international trade, to win the approval of the society in which our customers, employees and partners live by working day and night, and to express our works in the best way possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the spread of conscious consumption in Turkey, to establish and maintain long-term relationships with our consumers, customers, suppliers, and employees. Thus, we aim to contribute to your health and happiness by offering the healthiest, most reliable, and quality products with the understanding of superior service.

High level quality management system (ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP) is applied in production.

Live better!

Best superfood and cosmetic manufacturer company in the world. Our aim to contribute to the healthy and happy life of people.

Our team

Our team is formed by fishery products engineers, food engineers and chemistry engineers who are experts in their fields. Besides production, our team also makes scientific studies about super foods and follows all the research and studies all around the world. Furthermore, we also get the full support of our teachers at University about production and analyses.